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Research Assistant Professor


Dr. Zhu Wei joined the Southern University of Science and Technology in 2017. His research has been focused on plant photomorphogenesis and phytohormone signaling. He is also interested in exploiting mechanisms underlying the crosstalk between environmental cues and internal hormone signals, and how these signaling pathways  profoundly regulate plant growth and development. 

Research Interests:


◆Phytohormone signaling

Professional Experience:

◆ 2017.3- Now,Southern University of Science and Technology

Educational Background:

◆ 2012.09-2017.01, Ph. D, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

◆ 2009.09-2012.06, Master, Southern China Normal University

◆ 2005.09-2009.06, Bachelor, Huanggang Normal University

Honors & Awards:

◆ 2019.11 Shenzhen Reserve Talent

Selected Publication:

1. Wei Zhu, Hua Zhou, Fang Lin, Xianhai Zhao, Dongqing Xu, Xing Wang Deng, COLD-REGULATED GENE 27 integrates signals from light and the circadian clock to promote hypocotyl growth in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 2020, 32: 3155-3169. 

2. Hua Zhou#, Wei Zhu#, Xuncheng Wang#, Yeting Bian, Yan Jiang, Jian Li, Lixia Wang, Ping Yin, Xing Wang Deng, Dongqing Xu, A missense mutation in WRKY32 converts its function from a positive regulator to a repressor of photomorphogenesis. New Phytologist, 2022, 35: 111-125. (#co-first author)

3. Masood Jan#, Wei Zhu#, *, Yajuan Fu#, Zhiyong Li, Yeling Zhou, Dong Zhang, Huihui Han, Yan Yan, Xing Wen, Hongwei Guo, Jiansheng Liang. Scaffold protein RACK1A positively regulates leaf senescence by coordinating the EIN3-miR164-ORE1 transcriptional cascade in Arabidopsis. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 2023, 65: 1703-1716. (#co-first author and *co-corresponding author)

4. Wei Zhu, Erhua Zhang, Haifen Li, Xiaoping Chen, Fanghe Zhu,Yanbin Hong, Boshou Liao, Shengyi Liu, Xuanqiang Liang. Comparative proteomics analysis of developing peanut aerial and subterranean pods identifies pod swelling related proteins. Journal of Proteomics, 2013, 91: 172-187. 

5. Wei Zhu, Xiaoping Chen, Haifen Li, Fanghe Zhu, Yanbin Hong, Rajeev K. Varshney, Xuanqiang Liang. Comparative transcriptome analysis of aerial and subterranean pods development provides insights into seed abortion in peanut. Plant Molecular Biology, 2014, 85: 395-409.

6. Wei Zhu, Rong Zuo, Rongfang Zhou, Junyan Huang, Minqiang Tang, Xiaohui Cheng, Yueying Liu, Chaobo Tong, Yang Xiang, Caihua Dong, Shengyi Liu. Vacuolar Iron Transporter BnMEB2 is involved in enhancing iron tolerance of Brassica napus. Frontiers in Plant Science, 2016, 7:1353.

7. Xiaoping Chen, Wei Zhu, Sarwar Azam, Heying Li, Fanghe Zhu, Haifen Li, Yanbin Hong, Haiyan Liu, Erhua Zhang, Hong Wu, Shanlin Yu, Guiyuan Zhou, Shaoxiong Li, Ni Zhong, Shijie Wen, Xingyu Li, Steve J. Knapp, Peggy Ozias-Akins, Rajeev K. Varshney, Xuanqiang Liang. Deep sequencing analysis of the transcriptomes of peanut aerial and subterranean young pods identifies candidate genes related to early embryo abortion. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2013, 11(1): 115-127.

8. Haifen Li, Fanghe Zhu, Heying Li, Wei Zhu, Xiaoping Chen, Yanbin Hong, Haiyan Liu, Hong Wu, Xuanqiang Liang. Proteomic identification of gravitropic response genes in peanut gynophores. Journal of Proteomics, 2013, 93: 303-313.

9. Xiaoping Chen, Qingli Yang, Haifen Li, Heying Li, Yanbin Hong, Lijuan Pan, Na Chen, Fanghe Zhu, Xiaoyuan Chi, Wei Zhu, Mingna Chen, Haiyan Liu, Zhen Yang, Erhua Zhang, Tong Wang, Ni Zhong, Mian Wang, Hong Liu, Shijie Wen, Xingyu Li, Guiyuan Zhou, Shaoxiong Li, Hong Wu, Rajeev Varshney, Xuanqiang Liang, Shanlin Yu. Transcriptome-wide sequencing provides insights into geocarpy in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2016, 14: 1215-1224.

10. Minqiang Tang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yueying Liu, Chaobo Tong, Xiaohui Cheng, Wei Zhu, Zaiyun Li, Junyan Huang, Shengyi Liu. Mapping loci controlling fatty acid profiles and oil and protein content by genome-wide association study in Brassica napus. The Crop Journal, 2019, 7: 217-226.