Campus Life


With the energy and vitality of Shenzhen coursing through the veins of all our students, the SUSTech campus never stops. With a beautiful, environmentally-conscious campus, SUSTech students are active in student clubs, start new enterprises and run charitable organizations.

Our faculty have studied across the globe and have made great strides in bringing the world forward in a variety of areas. They’ve developed incredible innovations, and their innovative research continues to result in developments all over the world.

Residential Colleges

With six residential colleges to choose from on campus, you’ll find a variety of places to relax, study and enjoy yourself. Every college features well-appointed rooms and a commitment to nurturing students throughout their time at SUSTech, in any way they choose. You might find a passion for something you never knew about while living in one of our residential colleges, so this is the best way to get involved in the SUSTech community!

Clubs & Organizations

With over 100 student-run clubs on campus running the gamut from sports to academics, from dance to entrepreneurship, from arts to technology and from volunteering to self-defense, there is always something different you can do on campus with your classmates. With a rich diversity of cross-cultural opportunities for every student and teacher, no-one is lacking in the range of activities. Whether you want to salsa dance or try your hand at traditional Chinese musical instruments, write a hip-hop song, help the less fortunate, or score goals for SUSTech’s football team, you can find your niche. You can always start your student club to provide something unique to add to SUSTech’s cultural diversity. Who knows what you’ll find?

Housing and Dining


With most of our residential colleges having either a lake or mountain view, students can awaken to a calm and pleasant vibe. With plenty of student facilities within 5 minutes walk of the colleges and most classes no more than 10 minutes away, you can understand why students love living on campus.


At SUSTech, we’re proud of our Grade A student cafeterias. With a focus on quality, flavor, and freshness, students have a variety of options at our student cafeterias from first thing in the morning to late night snacks. Fresh fruit and juices are available throughout the day, and many palates are accounted for, ensuring that everybody can find something delicious and nutritious to eat on campus.


Shenzhen's a new city, founded in 1979 – it's so young that many of our faculty are older than the city itself! As a result, Shenzhen is full of exciting new things, and it's constantly growing and expanding at what we call "Shenzhen speed."

Whether you and your friends decide to head to the beach for the day, have a picnic in one of the many parks around the city, or take a day trip to Hong Kong or Guangzhou – the options are endless!

As a SUSTech student, you'll be uniquely placed to get around easily and take advantage of all these unique opportunities in Shenzhen, Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta.