Go Global

Global Engagement

SUSTech is a young university, but we have been battling above our weight when it comes to forming long-term cooperative partnerships with institutions across China and all over the world. With our faculty working with universities in countries across the globe, and our students partaking in exchange programs in a variety of institutions, we are proud of our relationships.

We also work with local government, research institutions, and fellow universities across China to enhance research outcomes and improve strategic impacts across the nation.

Global Partners

SUSTech's International Community

As a university in an international city, SUSTech prides itself on hosting numerous members of the international community on campus. With over 90% of our faculty having worked or studied overseas, and over 60% having worked or studied in a top 100 university somewhere in the world, our faculty members have a rich variety of cultural experiences from across the globe. A growing collection of international students are opting to come to SUSTech every year to expand their knowledge in a different culture and take advantage of the unique opportunities provided on our campus.

Shenzhen And SUSTech

SUSTech may not have been around for a long time, but the synergistic paths between SUSTech and Shenzhen are clear for everyone to see. Shenzhen has been a strong supporter of SUSTech since the first steps towards its establishment, and as a result, our development paths have become recognized not only nationally but internationally.

SUSTech works with its Shenzhen colleagues like Huawei, DJI, BYD, Tencent and China Merchants Bank in training the next generation of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, all of whom have developed a global outlook from our faculty members.