SUSTech is blossoming as a university. The three-way focus on research, innovation, and entrepreneurship create numerous opportunities for every student, every faculty member and every member of staff to reach beyond their current abilities to try something new.

Undergraduate Education

The three focuses of SUSTech: research; innovation; and entrepreneurship; pair perfectly with the features of the university. The innovative residential colleges pair with the personalized dual advisor system for every undergraduate student, ensuring their full preparedness for the days, weeks and months ahead. With a focus on individual development through research and an international outlook, undergraduate students have the flexibility to study from a wide range of globally trained professors and lecturers from various schools on campus. SUSTech operates under the credit system, tutorial system, and residential college system. It specializes in personalization, small class, and internationalization of talent cultivation. Through a first-rate talent training system, it fosters a sound personality, a solid foundation, and outstanding capabilities, with high-quality talent providing vision, social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability.

Graduate Education

SUSTech is committed to cultivating top innovative talents on a professional basis and a wide knowledge base. It is committed to becoming a future hotbed for scientists with international vision and competitiveness, a base of outstanding engineers who will enhance the made-in-China brand and a center of leading engineering talents who can continuously adapt to the future technological and industrial changes. It is also committed to becoming an incubator of innovative entrepreneurial talents who can promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, industrial management expertise and leading talents.

Overseas Education

Since 2016, SUSTech has carried out joint training of postgraduate students with famous universities both across China and around the world. With a joint training program, you can be exposed to new ideas and perspectives, as well as giving you the opportunity to take unique classes in a different environment. With a focus on joint training programs, students can enhance their degrees with qualifications noting their studies both here at SUSTech as well as at the partner institution.