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We want you to come and write the story of SUSTech with us. As a young university focused on research, innovation and entrepreneurship, our mission of higher education reform means that we are looking for the best of the best, using our own unique admissions system to find how you are going to fit within the SUSTech campus culture.

SUSTech's tradition of academic excellence, investment in student success, and commitment to providing unrivaled opportunities make SUSTech a great place to study, but it is the dedication of our students, faculty, and staff that make it truly exceptional.

We have not been around for a long time, but we will be - every page is yet to be written, and we want you to be a part of it. We are looking for students who want to share in the passions and talents of our amazing community. Discover how your time at SUSTech will shape your academic life, develop your career pursuits, broaden your global perspectives, establish life-long connections and set a stage for an series of experiences that you don't even know about yet.

Why SUSTech?

First is, we have three major pillars for our education - research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are very proud of how this plays with all of our features that make us unique to a Chinese university. Six innovative residential colleges combine with the personalized dual adviser system for every undergraduate student, ensuring their full preparedness for the days, weeks and months ahead.

Secondly, with a focus on individual development through research and an international outlook, undergraduate students have the flexibility to study from a wide range of globally recognized professors and lecturers from various schools on campus.

Thirdly, we specialize in personalization, small class sizes, and internationalization of talent cultivation. Through a first-rate talent training system, SUSTech develops students with grounded personalities, solid academic foundations and outstanding capabilities, with high-quality talent providing vision, social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability.

This is why SUSTech is different - we understand how your personal needs are different, and we want you to achieve your dreams.

Information For Our Future Students

At SUSTech, your time should be as amazing as you want it to be. With our lush green campus full of student-led activities, small classes and unique learning experiences, you never know what you're going to learn from one day to the next.

What Do We Look For?

We are looking for top students in a number of ways. While we only take about 1000 students in each freshmen class, we do consider a student's academic excellence, their long-term intellectual viability and their personal fit within the SUSTech community.

What Do We Do?

We use our own "6+3+1" evaluation system. Our comprehensive evaluation admission model has eliminated the disadvantage found in traditional systems of examination and admissions, that tend to be the focus of one-sided exam-oriented education systems. Since its implementation in 2012, SUSTech has continued to lead higher education reform in China, specifically when it comes to admissions as they relate to the national college examination system.

Under the 6+3+1 system, 60% of a student's admission score comes from their National College Entrance Examination score, known as their gaokao score. An additional 30% comes from our own admissions systems - 25% coming from our academic apparatus test and 5% from an admission interview. The final 10% comes from their efforts in high school. 3% of the total comes from the special skills that every student has, and 7% comes from a student's high school transcript.

When we look at each student, we will admit a student that has showed great innovative abilities in the evaluation process, even if they don't have the highest national college entrance examination. On the other hand, there's less chance of SUSTech admitting a student with a high gaokao score that has a low score in our academic apparatus score.

Explore Your SUSTech LIfe HERE!

With the energy and vitality of Shenzhen coursing through the veins of all our students, the SUSTech campus never stops. With a beautiful, environmentally-conscious campus, SUSTech students are active in student clubs, start new enterprises and run charitable organizations.

With our six residential colleges providing you a variety of places to relax, study and enjoy yourself, SUSTech gives every student a commitment to nurture you throughout your time on campus. You might find a passion for something you never knew about while living in one of our residential colleges, so this is the best way to get involved in the SUSTech community!

With over 100 student-run clubs on campus running the gamut from sports to academics, from dance to entrepreneurship, from arts to technology and from volunteering to self-defense, there is always something different you can do on campus with your new classmates. With a rich diversity of cross-cultural opportunities for every student, you never lack for new activities. Whether you want to salsa dance or try your hand at traditional Chinese musical instruments, write a hip-hop song, help the less fortunate, or score goals for SUSTech's football team, you can find your niche. Who knows what you'll find?

Meet Our Alumni!

Our alumni are amazing people, leaders in a diverse range of fields.

See below how our alumni are doing ground-breaking research, realizing their entrepreneurial dreams and innovating for the benefit of humanity.