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LI Peipei
Assistant Professor

Working Experience

2017- Current: Assistant Professor(Tenure Track), Department of Finance, College of Business, Southern University of Science and Technology

2015-2017: Post-Doctor, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)

Education Background

2010-2014: Ph.D. in Finance, Business School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

2003-2006: M.A., School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

1999-2003: B.Sc., Information Management and System, Peking University

2000-2003: B.E., China Center for Economic Research, Peking University

Research Interest

  • China Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Bond Market, FinTech


  • Impact of Financial Crisis on Corporate Bond Issuance [J] (Coastal Enterprises and Science & Technology,Magazine sponsored by Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences,2023(12))

  • A Review of Price Linkage and Information Spillover Between the Stock and Bond Markets [J](Financial Market Research, 2023(08): 129-139. Supervised by the People's Bank of China, organized by the China Association of Interbank Market Dealers (CAIMD), Class A academic journal.)

  • Management Equity Incentive Announcements and Bond Market Reaction[J/OL] (Securities Market Herald:1-8[2023-05-15]. CSSCI)

  • Is Perfecting the Bond Covenant a Cocoon? Based on the Speed of Capital Structure Adjustment. (Collected Essays on Finance and Economics, 2024, CSSCI Forthcoming)

  • Annual Report of China’s Securities Market Regulation (with Liang Wu, Guang Yang, Bangkun An), 2016, in Bin Hu (eds), Annual Report on China’s Financial Supervision and Regulation (2015), CASS: Social Sciences Academic Press (China)

  • 2012 Asia Bank Competitiveness Report (with Xiaolei Zha, Lin Xu), 2013, 21st Century Business Herald

Government Report

  • Green Asset Securitisation and Economic Growth, Securities Market Special Report (SEC Report), 2016,  forward to the State Council and Ministries of Administration

  • Transformation of Underlying Assets in Global ABS Market, CSRC Political Research Bulletin, Issue 31 (350), 2016, forward to the SEC, Ministries of Administration, Stock Exchanges and Financial Institutions

Working Paper

  • M&A and Bond Market Reactions: Evidence from Acquirers. With Xueying Zhang, Xiaoran Kong, Junyi Dong)

  • Investor's Interest Rate Risk Exposure: Evidence from Corporate Bond Mutual Fund Flows.(with Jing-zhi Huang,Yuan Wang, Licheng Zhang,Xiangkun Yao)

  • China's GDP at Risk: The Role of Housing Prices.(with Yuan Wang, Licheng Zhang, Xueying Zhang)

  • The Relationship Between FinTech Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Panel Data in China.(with Xiaotong Du, Licheng Zhang, Jiaming Zhang)

  • The Impact of Copyright Sharing on the Success of Non-Fungible Tokens. (With Daning Hu、Cheng Tao)

  • Management Equity Incentives and Bond Credit Spread: Evidence from Listed Companies in China. (With Xueying Zhang, Duowen Wu)

Academic Conference

  • Investor's Interest Rate Risk Exposure: Evidence from U.S. Mutual Fund Flows. 2022 Five-Star Workshop in Finance, The 18th Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, 2023 New Zealand Finance Meeting, The 5th PHBS-CUHKSZ Economics and Finance Workshop, The 23rd China Economics Annual Conference 

  • The Impact of Copyright Sharing on the Success of Non-Fungible Tokens.  CSIAM 2023, CNAIS 2023,  CSWIM 2023 (The 16th China Summer Workshop on Information Management),2022 SIG BIT workshop

Research Fund

  • Asset Pricing and China's Financial Stability (PI), Y01246111, Shenzhen Peacock Programme, 2020-2025

  • Bond Covenants and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Listed Companies in Guangdong Province (PI), 2023WTSCX078, Department of Education, Guangdong Province, 2023-2025

  • SusTech Research Center of FinTech and Financial Innovation (Co-PI), 2022SZ1028, Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences, 2022-2024


  • Best Paper Award, CSIAM Annual Meeting of the Specialized Committee on Financial Technology and Algorithms (2023)

  • Best Paper Award, Local Finance Forum (2023)

  • Excellent Residential College Mentor Award, Southern University of Science and Technology , 2022-2023

  • Silver Level Mentor, Zhiren College, Southern University of Science and Technology, 2020-2021

  • Second Place Award, The 3rd SUSTech Teaching Competition for Young Teachers, SUSTech, 2018

  • Shenzhen Overseas High-level Talents(The Peacock Programme),  2017-2022

  • Ph.D. full scholarship, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2010-2013

  • Guanghua Scholarship, Tsinghua University, 2004

  • Outstanding Graduate, Peking University, 2003

  • National Scholarship, Peking University, 2002

  • Excellent Academics Award, Peking University, 2002

  • Canon Scholarship, Peking University, 2001

  • Excellent Academics Award, Peking University, 2001

Teaching Experience

  • Introduction of Financial Investments, SUSTech, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2023

  • China Economics and Finance, SUSTech, Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2021, Spring 2022, Spring 2023

  • Methodology of Empirical Finance, SUSTech, Spring 2015

  • Financial Accounting, SUSTech, Fall 2014-15, Fall 2017

  • Corporate Finance, SUSTech, Spring 2017

Student Mentorship

  • CFA Institute Research Challenge, Shenzhen Local Final (2017-2023): 2022-2023(Final Top 8, Best PPT), 2021-2022(Final Top 8), 2020-2021(Final Second Runner-Up), 2019-2020 (Final Champion, Top 5 in Asia-Pacific Area), 2018-2019 (Final Top 8), 2017-2018 (Final Top 8)

  • Guangdong Climbing Program 2023: Investment Strategy based on ESG Default Prediction Model in China's Credit Bond Market, Ziqi Gao

  • Guangdong Climbing Program 2020Innovation and Entrepreneurship in High-Level Science and Technology Universities, Chao Li

Email: [email protected]

Homepage: http://faculty.sustech.edu.cn/lipp/