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ZHANG Liyuan

Brief Introduction
Zhang Liyuan, male, born in March, 1975, a native of Quzhou in Zhejiang Province. He received degree of doctor in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2007, the finalist of the 2nd batch of Global Program of Expert Recruitment for overseas high-level talents; in the same year, he was employed as Associate Professor of China Renmin University and doctoral student tutor; and acts as the principal of Mesoscopic Physics Laboratory of Southern University of Science and Technology; and member of APS and Sigma Xi, and expert of micro-nano electronic device and electric transport. He has released dozens of key academic papers in international famous periodicals, including top periodical of physics Nature with 1 paper, Nature Physics with 2 papers, Physical Review Letters with 2 papers and Nano Letters with 1 paper. Some research achievements were reported by some international famous science media (such as Discipline News and Nature Magazine) and websites of science and technology, and main research achievements include:
◆Discovering and proposing phase diagram of quantum phase change of metal insulator in magnetic field for the first time;
◆Discovering quantum Hall effect of 3 layers of grapheme system and quasi-particle action of divergence of neutral points;
◆Discovering spatial distribution of optical current of grapheme under quantization conditions;
◆Discovering a new nanometer AFM processing method of grapheme;
◆Discovering relation of spin current transporting and bias voltage;


Educational Background
◆ 2007.08,Georgia Institute of Technology,Doctor of science
◆2001.07, High Energy Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master of Engineering;
◆1997.07,Changchun University of Science and Technology (former Changchun Optical Precision and Machinery College),Bachelor of Science


Professional Experience
After graduating, he worked as post-doctoral stations of Purdue University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stony Brook University and other locations. In 2012, he was employed as Associate Professor of China Renmin University and doctoral tutor. He started to work at Southern University of Science and Technology in 2014.


Other Information
At present, the laboratory has been established (relevant nanometer micro-processing technology laboratory and precision electronic measurement equipment available), and large professional equipment place and to be placed include: 1) Oxford (TESPT14T50) liquid helium magnetic body low-temperature system(14 Tesla magnetic body, helium III refrigeration, kelvinox diluting refrigerator);2) FEI nano 450 high-resolution electronic microscope (configured with NPGS electronic bundle exposure system, EDX composition analysis system); 3)TI ultra-high vacuum electronic bundle sedimentation system (DE400);4) Semi-conduct parameter probe sets; 5) oxygen-free glove box; 6) CVD grapheme growing furnace; 7) critical point drying instrument. According to working needs of the laboratory, post-doctoral is recruited home and abroad (with annual salary minimum 220 thousand (including government subsidy of 120 thousand yuan by the government) and research assistant (quasi-postgraduate and doctoral student, to be jointly trained by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). We also welcome experts and classmates with outstanding performance and specialty to come to our research teams.