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CHEN Xiaolong
Associate Professor

My research interests are focused on electronics, optoelectronics, and physical properties based on emerging two-dimensional materials. Dr. Chen has done pioneering research on thin-film black phosphorus high-mobility transistors, mid-infrared opto-electronic devices, and miniaturized on-chip spectrometers. In recent years, he has published over 50 pioneer-reviewed research papers on Nature communications, Light: Science & Applications, Science Advances, Nano Letters, ACS Nano etc..


Ph.D. degree:2010.09-2014.08 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Physics

Bachelor Degree:2006.09-2010.08 University of Science and Technology of China, Special Class for Gifted Young

Working Experiences

2024.05-now:Associate Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology, China

2018.09-2024.05:Assistant Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology, China

2016.08-2018.08:Postdoctoral Researcher at Yale University,USA

2015.04-2016.06:Research Associate at University of Cambridge, UK

2014.09-2015.03:Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Visiting Scholar

Research Introduction

Optoelectronics and physics based on emerging two-dimensional materials, including:

1. Miniaturized spectrometers and applications;

2. Opto-electronic devices including photodectors, LEDs and integration;

3. New optoelectronic effect, including bulk photovoltaic effect.

Awards & Honors

2022 Shenzhen Ten Excellent Young Teachers

2022 IEEE ICOCN Young Scientist Award

2019 Premier Award, the Fourth SUSTech Teaching Competition for Young Teachers

2019 Shenzhen High-level Talents 


1)Han Wang, Shouheng Chen, Xiaolong Chen*, “Room-temperature self-powered infrared spectrometer based on a single black phosphorus heterojunction diode”, Nano Letters, 24, 326, 2024.

2)Yongheng Zhou#, Xin Zhou#, Xiang-Long Yu*, Zihan Liang, Xiaoxu Zhao, Taihong Wang, Jinshui Miao*, Xiaolong Chen*, “Giant intrinsic photovoltaic effect in one-dimensional van der Waals grain boundaries”, Nature Communications, 15, 501, 2024.

3)Zihan Liang#, Xin Zhou#, Le Zhang#, Xiang-Long Yu*, Yan Lv, Xuefen Song, Yongheng Zhou, Han Wang, Shuo Wang, Taihong Wang, Perry Ping Shum, Qian He, Yanjun Liu, Chao Zhu, Lin Wang*, Xiaolong Chen*, “Strong bulk photovoltaic effect in engineered edge-embedded van der Waals structures”, Nature Communications, 14, 4230, 2023.

4)Le Zhang#, Han Wang#, Xinrong Zong, Yongheng Zhou, Taihong Wang, Lin Wang*, Xiaolong Chen*, “Probing interlayer shear thermal deformation in atomically-thin van der Waals layered materials”, Nature Communications, 13, 3996, 2022.

5)Yan Lv#, Junran Zhang#, Xiaolong Chen*, Lin Wang*, “Enlighten the non-illuminated region by phase segregation of mixed halide perovskites”, Light: Science & Applications (IF:20.3), 11, 311, 2022. 

6)Yongheng Zhou#, Kaiyue He#, Huamin Hu#, Gang Ouyang#, Chao Zhu, Wei Wang, Sichen Qin, Ye Tao, Runfeng Chen, Le Zhang, Run Shi, Chun Cheng, Han Wang, Yanjun Liu, Zheng Liu, Taihong Wang*, Wei Huang, Lin Wang*, Xiaolong Chen*, “Strong Neel ordering and luminescence correlation in a two-dimensional antiferromagnet”, Lasers & Photonic Reviews, 2100431, 2022.

7)Xinrong Zong#, Huamin Hu#, Gang Ouyang#, Jingwei Wang, Run Shi, Le Zhang, Qingsheng Zeng, Chao Zhu, Shouheng Chen, Chun Cheng, Bing Wang, Han Zhang, Zheng Liu, Wei Huang, Taihong Wang*, Lin Wang*, Xiaolong Chen*, “Black phosphorus-based van der Waals heterostructures for mid-infrared light emission applications”, Light: Science & Applications (IF:20.3), 9, 114, 2020.

8)Xiaolong Chen, Xiaobo Lu, Bingchen Deng, Ofer Sinai, Yuchuan Shao, Cheng Li, Shaofan Yuan, Vy Tran, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Doron Naveh, Li Yang*, and Fengnian Xia*, “Widely tunable black phosphorus mid-infrared photodetector”, Nature Communications, 8, 1672, 2017.

9)Xiaolong Chen#, Yingying Wu#, Zefei Wu, Yu Han, Shuigang Xu, Lin Wang, Weiguang Ye, Tianyi Han, Yuheng He, Yuan Cai, Ning Wang*, “High quality sandwiched black phosphorus heterostructure and its quantum oscillations”, Nature Communications, 6, 7315, 2015.

10)Xiaolong Chen, Zefei Wu, Shuigang Xu, Lin Wang, Rui Huang, Yu Han, Weiguang Ye, Wei Xiong, Tianyi Han, Gen Long, Yang Wang, Yu Heng He, Yuan Cai, Ping Sheng, Ning Wang* “Probing the electron states and metal-insulator transition mechanisms in atomically thin MoS2 vertical heterostructures”, Nature Communications, 6, 6088, 2015.

Recruitment Announcement

We have various positions on postdoctoral researcher and graduate students. If you are interest, please send your CV to [email protected] Further information can be found on our group webpage: http://faculty.sustech.edu.cn/chenxl/

Contact Information

◆  Office: Engineering Building 223 (South Tower), Southern University of Science and Technology, Xueyuan Avenue 1088, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, China

◆  Phone (office): 0755 88018260

◆  Email: [email protected]

◆ Personal webpage: https://site-982068-1338-8517.mysxl.cn/  

◆ Group webpage: http://faculty.sustech.edu.cn/chenxl/