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Play stratego? This is the place!

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Welcome at stratego! You can select your level and color. Then click 'New Game' to start the game.
Playing stratego To play a stratego game here:
-Move your pieces by clicking a piece that can move, then click a valid destination.
-You can change the level during the game. At level 2 stratego is stronger.
-Please click 'New Game' to start. Observe the intelmessages for additional info.
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Click a piece.
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Classic deployments
Select a game variant
Classic stratego
Barrage stratego
Play barrage stratego if you prefer a quick game. Each player starts with a flag, one bomb, a marshal, a general, and a spy, one miner, and two scouts.
One time bombs
When a piece other than a miner strikes a bomb, both the piece AND the bomb are destoyed. Miners are of less importance in this variant.
Air mobile
All moving pieces can move like scouts. (At level 2; Please Fasten Your Seatbelts :) Otherwise, the classic rules apply.

Stratego quicktips
Keep your spy close to your general.
In this stratego game, a scout cannot directly hit a piece over distance.
Tip: Alter a classic deployment: click Undo, Click pieces, and redeploy them.
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