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Jingjing Niu
Assistant Researcher

Essential Information

Name:   Jingjing Niu

Position: Assistant Researcher

Highest Degree:Doctor of Philosophy in Physics



Email:[email protected]

Research Field:Quantum control and quantum simulation with superconducting qubits


Educational Background

2013.09-2018.07, Ph.D. in Physics, Peking University

2009.09-2013.07, Bachelor in Physics, Lanzhou University


Working Experience

2020.08-present, Assistant Researcher in Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering, SUSTech

2018.07-2020.07 Postdoctoral Researcher in school of physics, SUSTech


Selected Publications

  1. J. Niu, T. X. Yan, Y. X. Zhou, Z. Y. Tao, X. L. Li, W.Y. Liu, L. B. Zhang, S. Liu, Z. B. Yan*, Y. Z. Chen*, D. P. Yu, “Simulation of Higher-Order Topological phases and Related Topological Phase transitions in a Superconducting Qubit,” ArXiv e-prints, 2001.03933 (2020).
  2. J. Niu, B. J. Liu, T. X. Yan, W. H. Huang, W. Y. Liu, L. B. Zhang, H. Jia, S. Liu*, M.-H. Yung*, Y. Z. Chen*, D. P. Yu, “Quantum Control via Stimulated Raman User-defined Passage”, ArXiv e-prints, 1912.10927 (2019).
  3. Y. Tao, T. X. Yan, W. Y. Liu, J. J. Niu, Y. X. Zhou, L. B. Zhang, H. Jia, W. Q. Chen, S. Liu*, Y. Z. Chen*, D. P. Yu, “Simulation of a topological phase transition in a Kitaev chain with long-range coupling using a superconducting circuit”, Physical Review B 101, 035109 (2020).
  4. F. Hu, J. J. Niu, B. Ernst, S. Tu, A. Hamzi, C. P. Liu, Y. G. Zhang, X. S. Wu*, C. Felser*, and H. M. Yu*, “Unconventional spin-dependent thermopower in epitaxial Co2Ti0.6V0.4Sn0.75 heusler film”, Solid State Communications 299, 113661 (2019). (co-First author).
  5. J. Niu, Z. L. Li, W. J. Zhang, S. L. Shu, P. Gao, D. P. Yu, X. S. Wu*, “V5S8: a kondo lattice based on intercalation of van der waals layered transition metal dichalcogenide,” ArXiv e-prints, 1809.04213 (2018).
  6. Y. Wang, J. J. Niu, X.Q. Li, X.M. Ma, Y. Yao, D.P. Yu, and X. S. Wu*, “Facile and fast growth of high mobility nanoribbons of ZrTe5,” ArXiv e-prints, 1803.01392 (2018).
  7. Y. Wang, J. J. Niu, B.M. Yan, X.Q. Li, R. Bi, Y. Yao, D. P. Yu and X. S. Wu*, “Vanishing quantum oscillations in dirac semimetal ZrTe5”, PNAS 115, 9145 (2018).
  8. J. Niu, J. Y. Wang, Z. J. He, C. L. Zhang, X. Q. Li, T. C. Cai, X. M. Ma, S. Jia, D. P. Yu, X. S. Wu, “Electrical transport in nanothick ZrTe5 sheets: From three to two dimensions”, Physical Review B, 95, 035420 (2017).
  9. J. Niu, B. M. Yan, Q. Q. Ji, Z. F. Liu, M. Q. Li, P. Gao, Y. F. Zhang, D. P. Yu, X. S. Wu*, “Anomalous Hall effect and magnetic orderings in nano-thick V5S8”, Physical Review B, 96, 075420 (2017).
  10. P. Zhang, J. J. Niu, P. F. Yang, Y. Gong, Q. Q. Ji, J. P. Shi, Q. Y. Fang, S. L. Jiang, H. Li, X. B. Zhou, L. Gu, Lin, X. S. Wu, Y. F. Zhang, “Van der Waals Epitaxial Growth of 2D Metallic Vanadium Diselenide Single Crystals and their Extra-High Electrical Conductivity”, Advanced Materials, 1702359 (2017).